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Saturday, 5 January 2019

A Review on ArtMostSphere 3.0

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog.
My First post is a review on the third edition of ArtMostSphere that went down yesterday night at discovery park, Uyo,  Akwa Ibom State.
For starters the show was well planned and organized that is in the aspect of content, audience, location and most importantly props (lighting, sound and stage).  The show was put together to promote the entertainment industry especially in Uyo and that aim was beautifully achieved

The event started with the recitation of the second stanzas of our National Anthem which was lead by Nsidibe Etok and she gave a beautiful performance .

The masters of ceremony in the persons of Mr Obed David and Miss Aniebiet Francis gave the show the necessary vibe it needed.
DJ Peejay who is currently the number one (1) Dj in Akwaibom State was the main DJ for the night and he did a wonderful  job.
The show harboured some special guest and talented artists. Akwa Ibom State commissioner for Information was among the special guest while Xaviour Knight (winner of ArtMostSphere 1.0), His Royal Soluness Dollie Popman, Honeywell,  Legendary Comedian Sirjames Essien,  Davysmon, Keini Albert, and many others showcased their talent.

The event showcased dance, music and most importantly the competition between five (5) Disco Jockeys who were judged by a board of 3 juries and the winner DJ Ajay Abba went home with not just a new title but with some goodies .

For some unforeseen circumstances the event started way too late unlike the past two editions. This time some folks had to leave before the event started and some left before they could even see what made them come out, but with all that a lot of us still stayed back to enjoy this year's edition.

In summary ArtMostSphere 3.0 was a success and a big thumbs up to the organizers, FYI, you all did a good job.
You can get some documented moments and a live streamed clip from Moses Umoh's timeline on facebook.
To the brains behind "ArtMostSphere" more grease to your elbows and please work on your weak and loose ends,  the show was beautiful and I won't miss the next edition am sure most people won't miss it either😉.

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  1. Honestly bae, I'm so happy you launched your blog, first blog post is really amazing, now I feel like I was there because of your review, keep doing it and thanks for the feature, love you

  2. This is so accurate and amazing. I'm loving this, Bae. Keep the flames burning 🙌

    1. Thanks dear, I pray to keep it burning more

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